1. The relationship between environmental and demographic problems.
    2. The composition and cosmopolitan culture of India
    3. Educational crisis during pandemic period
    4. Significance of science and technology in policing.
    5. South Asia is a burning cauldron, Examine.


    1. Is the New Education Policy 2020 cure to all ills in our education system?
    2. CAA, 2019 and its after effect
    3. The impact of covid-19 on Indian economy
    4. Women emancipation in India: Myth or reality
    5. Global Warming

RSI: 19-02-2020

    1. Internet and Women Safety.
    2. India and multiculture (plural culture)
    3. Sustainable economic development and environment.
    4. Relevance of Coalition governments.
    5. Regionalism, Nationalism and Constitution.

Civil_PSI: 08-03-2020

    1. India as a Super Power in 2020: Comment.
    2. Need for social reforms in the 21st century
    3. “Climate change — its happening here and its happening now”. Comment
    4. India’s demographic dividend: Boon or Bane?
    5. Need for legislative reforms in India.


    1. Impact of smartphones on our lives
    2. Importance of kannada in our changing society
    3. Education: key to a nation’s progress
    4. The threat of global warming
    5. Erosion of morality in the society today


    1. Increasing computerisation would lead to the creation of a dehumanised society
    2. India’s Non-Aligned Policy: Pros and Cons
    3. Inter State River water disputes
    4. Spirituality and Scientific Temper
    5. India’s Contribution to World Wisdom


    1. Whether Cybercrime in its trend has surpassed traditional crimes? Discuss.
    2. Explain the measures to curb Drug Menace.
    3. Corruption has become the Etiquette Today. Discuss
    4. Art & Cinema are the reflection of our society. Discuss.
    5. Discuss in brief about gender Sensitization.

Civil_PSI : 2019

    1. Innovation is the key determinant to Economic Growth and Social Welfare.
    2. Cyberspace and Internet — Blessing or curse to the Human Civilization in the
    3. Does Indian Cinema shape our popular culture or merely reflect it.
    4. Role of Media in good governance.
    5. The need for vocational education in India

Reserve_Sub_Inspector_ 2018

    1. implementing modernisation in Agriculture.
    2. Role of policing in the development of a nation.
    3. India emerging as a powerful nation globally.
    4. Artificial intelligence technology
    5. Social media and its impact.


    1. Role of women’s self-help group in the economic development of rural women
    2. Welfare measures in the police department
    3. State intelligence department and intelligence Bureau (I.B) coordination and challenges
    4. Role of youth in strengthening democracy
    5. Global warming-cause and effects. Discuss


    1. Social Media is a boon or bane ? Has social media improved or degraded social behaviour of individuals? Discuss.
    2. The decline of socialism and left leaning is a loss to modern society. Argue for or against the above statement.
    3. India’s judicial system has regressed into a “bail industry”. Argue for or against the above statement.
    4. India’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural character has been threatened by recent acts of violence and protests. Discuss.
    5. Water wars are a distinct possibility in the near future. Discuss in the context of Cauvery water sharing dispute among the southern states of India.


    1. Artificial Intelligence — pros and cons.
    2. Destiny of a nation Is shaped in its classrooms
    3. Urbanization is a blessing in disguise
    4. Economic growth and distributive justice
    5. Globalization and its impaction Indian Culture.


    1. Destiny of a Nation is shaped in its classroom
    2. Environmental pollution: Causes and Solution
    3. GST Reforms and its impact on the Indian economy
    4. Urbanisation and its hazards
    5. Be the change you want to see in other – M.K.Gandhi

RSI : Question_Paper-24-08-2017

    1. Natural disaster and management
    2. Modernisation of police
    3. Impact of GST on Indian Economy
    4. Fundamental Rights v/s Fundamental Duties
    5. River Water disputes in Karnataka

SI (KSISF) & SRSI (KSRP) -13-07- 2017

    1. Merits and demerits of a cashless economy
    2. Cauvery River Dispute – solutions to inter-state river water sharing.
    3. Should Karnataka go for a Complete liquor Ban?
    4. India’s foreign policy vis-a-vis Pakistan and China – Pros and cons.
    5. Unregulated social media- threats to National Security

Civil & Int -22-06-2017

    1. Digital Age Boon or Ban?
    2. Role of society in combating terrorism
    3. Role of media in democracy.
    4. Traffic congestion – causes and solutions
    5. Judicial activism