Mains Answer Writing

Daily Questions on Mains Prep

  • We will be posting Daily Questions for KAS Mains.
  • We will Post 2 to 4 questions on a daily basis.
  • Spend approximately 8-10 minutes on each question
  • We will try to keep all questions as relevant and close to the actual examination


  • We will try to offer a general feedback for all the questions
  • We will point out mistakes and any other errors that you may be making in your answers.

Weekly Essay

  • We will come up with one Essay Topic Every Saturday.

Weekly schedule

Days Subject GS Paper Section
Monday History and Socio Political GS-1 Section 1and 2
Tuesday Economy GS-1 Section 3
Wednesday Geography and Environment GS-2 Section 1
GS-3 Section 3
Thursday Polity and Public administration GS-2 Section 2 and Section 3
Friday Science and Technology GS-3 Section 2 and 3
  • We will try to include Current Affairs Questions along with static portions of state importance.
  • PrelimsPrep and MainsPrep subjects / topics are in sync with each other so as to avoid repetition and to make your preparation holistic and complete.

All the Best!